Here are a few of the questions we have regularly been asked about the project. If you cannot find the answer to your question below then please contact us at

The Memorial

Who will the memorial remember?
The memorial will be designed to be used by everyone for their own remembrance in an aim to make it as inclusive as Scouting.
The memorial will remember all those who have given any service to Scouting in any format both past and present, with a special remembrance for those members who have suffered through conflict.

Is it a memorial to those Scouts who died in WWI or through military service?
Whilst the memorial includes remembrance for those members of The Scout Association who served, suffered and and given the ultimate sacrifice during WWI or through any military service it is by no means a purely a WWI or military memorial.

Will there be any names on the memorial?
At this point there are no plans to place individual names on the memorial. Given the wide spectrum of those the memorial will remember we would not be able to list individual names. It has been suggested that we purely list on the memorial those members who have given the ultimate sacrifice through military service, however, we would not be able to confirm that the list was complete – nor would we be able to capture those members who will give this sacrifice in the future.

Why will the memorial be at the NMA?
The National Memorial Arboretum is the UK's year-round centre of remembrance. It is a spiritually uplifting place which honours the fallen, recognises service and sacrifice, and fosters pride in our country. It is a living and lasting memorial. We believe this is the ideal location for the national Scouting memorial.

Who will design the memorial?
The memorial design competition was launched on 7th September 2013 and the winning design was chosen in July 2014. The Design was a combination of Karen Smith's (Northumberland) and Lottie Ibbotson's (North Yorkshire) entries.

When will the memorial be built?
The Memorial will be built offsite during late 2015 early 2016 and will hopefully be installed in spring 2016. We hope to unveil the memorial in Mid to late 2016.

The project

Who is running the project?
The project is being managed by a team of volunteers from Birmingham Scout County all of whom have other Scouting roles and are very passionate about the memorial project.

Have Gilwell given support for the project?
Gilwell have given their full consent and support towards the project and we have had the support and assistance from the team at Gilwell. Both Wayne Bulpitt (UK Chief Commissioner) and Matt Hyde (CEO Scouting UK) are fully behind the project.

Why do you need to raise £140,000?
Initially our target was £80,000, however after a combination of inspirational design entries and amazing level of donations, we decided to increase the project target to £140,000 to ensure the memorial reflected the support given and the importance of Scouting.
Although we realise £140,000 is a lot of money, we have already raised £97,000 in the first 18 months.

Visit to find out more about the budget.

How can I donate?
The website lists a range of ways you can donate towards the project. This includes direct donations as well as donating for a Scouting Memorial pin or cloth badge.

The badge

How can I get my memorial badge?
You can order your cloth and pin memorial badges online using our paypal shopping cart (which you can use whether you have a paypal account or not).
You can also download an order form from the website and post it to our Birmingham County office along with a personal or group cheque or having made a payment using online banking (using your name as the payment reference).
Visit to find out more information about ordering your badges.

How much does the badge cost?
The cloth badges are available for a suggested donation of £1 each and the pin badges are available for a suggested donation of £2 each.
However, this is only a suggested donation and you are very welcome to give more should you wish.

Can I wear the cloth memorial badge on my uniform?
The cloth badge is an Occasional Badge and can be worn on the uniform with local permission. Every County/Area/Region in the UK has permission to wear the badge.

Who can give me permission to wear the badge on my uniform?
Permission is given locally through your County Commissioner. Please ask your County Commissioner to contact us at if they have any questions.

Where does the badge go on my uniform?
The badge is an Occasional Badge so is worn on the left chest, above the pocket if you have one. (This is the same location that people wore the Jubilee.)

How long can the badge be worn for on my uniform?
It is up to each County Commissioner to decide how long they will allow the badge to be worn in their County. As the badge is an occasional badge permission can technically be given for it to be worn for up to 12 months after the end of the event.
Although it is the choice of every County to set their own timescales we would be grateful if County Commissioners would allow the badge to be worn at least until the memorial is built.

Is there a badge for non-uniform members?
There is a pin badge available for non-uniform members or for uniform members who wish to wear a badge when out of uniform.

Can non-members wear the badge?
We would very much welcome the support of people who are not members of The Scout Association who wish to support the project by donating for and wearing a badge. This is one of the reasons we provide pin badges.

Who designed the badge and what does it mean?
The badge was designed by Connor, a 10 year old Cub from Birmingham. Visit to find out the symbolism behind Connor's design.


Where can I get more information?
The website has a list of information and resources available, including a local champion pack should you wish to promote the project within your community. We also place news updates on both our Facebook and twitter pages.

How can I help?
Everyone can help in their own way. Either by a donation of any size, by wearing the badges, by spreading the word or by just sharing the concept of remembrance with your young people.

How can I contact you?
Use our email address of to contact us directly. Alternatively you can send post in to our County Office (Scouting Memorial Project, Birmingham County Scouts, 89-91 Hatchett Street, Newtown, Birmingham, B19 3NY)